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Cyndi Runyan

I was very apprehensive about my first visit to see a chiropractor. I went to Dr. Bulger and was immediately extremely impressed with her professionalism and ease in dealing with patients. After receiving several treatments from Dr. Bulger and her staff, I knew they were an exceptional group, and that I was in “great hands”. During my treatments from Dr. Bulger and her staff, I knew they were concerned about my overall health, my treatment plan for recovery, and a plan to improve my quality of life.

I truly believe they are the best in town and trust them with my health. I would highly recommend Dr. Jennifer Bulger and her staff at Charleston Chiropractic Company.

Monica & Madison Mawyer

During the spring of 2013 my thirteen year old daughter, who plays both middle school and travel volleyball began to complain of knee pain. After a visit to our family doctor she recommended therapy to help strengthen the muscles in her knee. We began therapy 3 days a week and were having no success, my daughter insisted that she was not getting any relief and she didn’t want to go back. I am made the decision to stop therapy since it was now summer and as hopefully some rest from volleyball would help. Right before school started I decided to get a different opinion. I made the initial appointment, that’s when we met Dr. Bulger, she herself was a volleyball player thru school and college so I was hopeful that she might be able to make sure Madison wasn’t going to do damage to her knee once season started again.

During the first visit Dr. Bulger, was great she spoke with Madison and myself and not at us and you could tell she wanted to help figure out the problem. She did several things and finally asked if I minded that she do several x-rays. We went back for our next appointment 2 days later. Dr. Bulger took us back to talk to us about what all she had found. She had discovered that my daughter had scoliosis, of course I heard that and I began to panic of how didn’t anyone catch this, she was so great explaining everything to us and helping us thru all the things that we needed to do next. So finally we had an answer all the due to the way my daughter was compensating from her scoliosis, so the entire time the knee pain was being caused from her scoliosis . My daughter loves going to Dr. Bulger and she has really helped us with dealing with her scoliosis and pain.

My daughter has since had hand surgery for a volleyball injury and we didn’t think twice of doing our rehab and therapy with Dr. Bulger.

Just to let you know how much we trust her we drive 30 minutes one way to go to her, yes there were others places we could go but Dr. Bulger was the only one that listen and didn’t just except that’s the best we can do. She is amazing, I have referred several people to her and they too have been happy with the professional and quality care that they have received.